Tiernanny BS/BL Andrea Zimmer


We look after your rodents or birds reliably, caringly and competently and making them one of the family in our home. Your pets will be housed in a bright, quiet room. This way your pets will not be alone and have enough variety. In addition to the general care such as feeding and cleaning, we take enough time for petting and grooming. We place high value on cleanliness and hygiene. It is important for us to try and take your place as much as possible, so that your pets feel good all around. Through many years of experience, we are able to perform this service confidently and professionaly with a lot of heart and mind according to your needs and the needs of your pet.

We are pleased to invite you to a non-bindung visit.


Up to 2 pets Fr. 15.00 per day

Medication and injection per dose Fr. 2.50
Pick-up and delivery service Fr. 3.00 per km

The first and the last day will be calculated.

The food and litter must be brought along.

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